Requirements to productionize the Streamlit app

Danny Morris 2021-03-04 1 min read

This document defines the basic requirements for putting the Streamlit app into production. Note that this process can be started whenever a prototype app is ready, even if you intend to make improvements.

Minimum assets needed for production

  1. file containing the app logic.

  2. requirements.txt file containing the libraries and their versions needed to run the app.

Merging assets into production

All assets required to run the app must be merged from the develop branch into the main branch with a Pull Request.

This means the app must be deployed, tested, and reviewed in the develop branch first before merging into the main branch. This will allow team members to test the app and give feedback before the final merge into production.

Automating the build and deployment

Streamlit Sharing will deploy apps directly from both the develop branch (for testing) and the main branch (for production) of the dssquad-app repository. If needed, other branches can be linked to Streamlit Sharing during development. Streamlit Sharing builds and deploys the app in response to a repository push event, i.e. anytime a commit is pushed the app with build and and deploy.